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April 30 / 2020

Dr. Martin Ferguson-Pell

Dr. Ferguson-Pell is a Biomedical Engineer and credentialed Clinical Scientist. He has dedicated his academic career to the study of secondary complications of physical disability and studying underlying causes to reduce their incidence. He designed and developed a Rehabilitation Robotics Laboratory (The Virtual Reality and Robotics Core of the SMART Network) in the Edmonton Clinic Health Academy.  His team develops advanced virtual reality and augmented reality systems for a wide range of applications in healthcare.  He also has been advancing the implementation of technologies and processes to enable rehabilitation assessments of patients in rural settings. The RRL also uses a unique virtual reality ergometer for the biomechanical and physiological conditions faced by long-term wheelchair users and elite wheelchair athletes. Dr. Ferguson-Pell was one of the founders of the SMART Network and has been instrumental in co-developing the ST Innovations concept.  Dr. Ferguson-Pell has served previously in senior administration roles at the University of Alberta including Dean of Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, and acting Provost. In addition to his scientific and administrative achievements, Dr. Ferguson-Pell has been involved in the development of several health technologies and a number of start-up companies.  Dr. Ferguson-Pell’s leadership skills, scientific and entrepreneurial abilities are an asset for the future growth of ST Innovations.