Who We Are

ST Innovations is the business arm of the University of Alberta’s SMART Network. Combining a leading research network, specialized equipment and market insights, ST Innovations is a health technology development center focused on accelerating innovative health ideas at every stage.

We provide customized services which identify and remove barriers to the health innovation development process.

We offer expertise in Human Machine Interface for developing intelligent and predictive health technologies and provide access to:

• Integrated teams of scientists and health professionals

• World-class laboratories and equipment

• Clinical and end-user validations

• Funding support and Industry insights

We work with our clients to identify what it will take to make their health solution a success story.

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What We Offer

We combine an unmatched technical and scientific network of digital health researchers with world class equipment, access to clinical and end-user validation and industry insights to support clients through the health innovation development process.

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Integrated Team of Scientists & Engineers

World Class Equipment