ST Innovations is the business arm of the SMART Network. The Network is a state-of-the-art center for researchers from engineering, medicine, rehabilitation, computer science, neuroscience, and social sciences who have come together to generate knowledge related to neural injuries and diseases, and to translate that knowledge into intelligent medical devices and innovative rehabilitation interventions. Their capabilities include clinical and end user validations, sensors and motor integration, analytics and machine learning, rehabilitation and injury prevention, and robotics and extended reality.

Through our linkage with the Network, we have unlimited access to 16, 000 square feet of adjoining shared lab space and 50, 000 square feet of individual lab space.

The Network operates under four fundamental cores; Device Development and Biological Testing Core, Sensorimotor Integration and Machine Learning Core, Rehabilitation Innovation Core, and Robotics and Virtual Reality Core. There are 25 labs across campus that affiliate with one or more of these cores. These cores are inter-linked and allow for seamless integration of knowledge generation and knowledge transition, from discovery to prototype development and testing to clinical evaluation.






These partners are here to provide further scientific, technical and clinical expertise on ST Innovations projects.


ST Innovations’ success is not only credited to its strong research base but also to the collaborations that we have built along the way. It is with thanks to the following partners that we can make the health innovations necessary in improving people’s lives.