Translating and enhancing health technologies through partnerships, collaboration and specialized commercialization expertise while contributing to the care and well-being of people, with a focus on building innovation capacity and wealth.


Enriched life experience through health innovation.








ST Innovations utilizes the SMART Network’s expertise, skills and resources for delivering partnered projects. The SMART Network is a large multidisciplinary entity at the University  of Alberta comprised of scientists and innovators from multiple disciplines including; neuroscience, engineering, rehabilitation, computer science, clinical trials and health economics. It brings together over 300 members including researchers, support staff and trainees focused on developing intelligent medical devices and innovative health solutions to improve patient outcomes and well-being. Its goal is to provide a well-equipped and comprehensive interdisciplinary approach towards the development of health solutions.

The SMART Network provides an effect ecosystem for accelerating discovery related to neural injuries and chronic health conditions and its translation into societal impact.







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