Entrepreneurs & Innovators

We are uniquely positioned in the health tech sector to help find the best path to market for new health technology ideas. Operating at the intersection of industry and academia enables us to access world-class expertise and facilities to propel health tech ventures forward. We can help accelerate innovative health ideas at every stage through access to the following:

  • Human machine interfaces
  • Digital technologies
  • World-class laboratories and equipment
  • Exceptional scientific approach and problem solving
  • Clinical and end-user validation
  • Project funding partnership and advice 
  • Critical industry insights and commercialization expertise

Multinational Corporations

We can connect multinational corporations with a collection of brilliant experts and world-leading equipment and technology to co-design new approaches, develop ground-breaking prototypes and push the boundaries of their research and development.

In addition, developing new technology in Alberta offers a unique opportunity for large companies to uncover and test novel approaches to care including the following: 

  • A provincial single healthcare system and health data platforms
  • Multidisciplinary expertise from the SMART Network
  • Expertise in human-machine interface technology, health platforms and solutions
  • The vast resources at a top Canadian research institution