MedRoad Inc.

MedRoad Inc. is a diagnostic company led by Dr. Pierre Boulanger at the University of Alberta. With a focus on patients with mobility issues as well as those living in remote areas, they’re developing an innovative health care model whereby delivering the technology, and assessing patient needs remotely.

Through it’s portable diagnostic kit, MedRoad is able to conduct medical testing and assessment remotely. Always keeping patient security top of mind, MedRoad Inc. is finding ways to send medical information wirelessly to a secure server where remote emergency specialists are able to access the data and provide a clinical decision to the patient.

Another way that they’re tapping into patient needs is through the development of medical wearables. They’ve currently designing vests which are able to track patient vitals, and can send the recordings to a care provider. The care provider is then able to analyse the recordings and advise on the proper course of action.

Every 37 seconds someone dies of cardiovascular rehabilitation (CR) in the United States. Recognizing the need to curve this harsh statistic, MedBike emerged. Using MedBike, a cardiac patient can exercise in safety, in a virtual world where they are continuously tele-monitored by a clinician who checks on the evolution of the patients vitals and properly prescribes the proper level of exercise on their road to recovery.