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The Ecosystem Development Partnerships (EDP) Program is created by Alberta Innovates and aims to enhance the research and innovation ecosystem in Alberta. The vision of the EDP program is to foster provincial strengths, new industries and enhance value throughout the entire system and its operations. Click here to learn more about the EDP Program.

ST Innovations, with the support of Alberta Innovates, is pleased to announce an exciting opportunity for Alberta companies to collaborate with ST Innovations to utilize our services at a subsidized rate to accelerate their health innovation product.  If you are an Alberta based company who has an innovative health product or idea that requires prototyping, engineering, clinical expertise or validation, we invite you to apply by completing this form.  If successful and your project is accepted into the program, you will receive up to $75,000 worth of services and expertise in health technology market fit product development and/or validation.


  1. Full Health Technology Development Services – The health technology development team at ST Innovations will work directly on a client’s project. Under this option, all the prototypes will be produced and tested by the ST Innovations’ team. The client will be able to access up to $75,000 worth of full services offered by ST Innovations. 
  2. Assistance in Health Technology Development Services – The client is provided access to ST Innovations facilities at UAlberta with both technical support and equipment resources to develop their own prototypes and/or further validate and test their prototypes. ST Innovations staff will provide the necessary training and oversight and will be made available to provide technical advice and troubleshooting. The client will be able to access $75,000 worth of equipment access fees and any technical expertise required. 

ST Innovations offers a menu of services and access to laboratory infrastructure, prototyping equipment, engineering, biological testing, health data analytics, validation expertise and services as well as access to expertise and services in large animal preclinical testing. A quality management system (QMS) is in place for undertaking projects under set standard operating procedures for the design, control, training, record keeping, risk management and corrective actions in alignment with regulatory requirements for development documentation.  Our key focus areas of expertise include: 

  1. Smart & Digital Medical Equipment
  2. Wearable Digital Devices
  3. Smart Medical Devices
  4. Surgical Instruments
  5. Diagnostic Instruments 
  6. Remote care devices which include digital health solutions


  1. Must be an Alberta-based company
  2. Must have held an Alberta Innovates’ AICE grant or Entrepreneurial Investment grant (excluding micro vouchers) or an IRAP grant for a project related to the technology they wish to seek services for from ST Innovations within the last 2 years
  3. Technology has been evaluated as per number 2.


  1. Intake Form is completed
  2. Proposed health innovation and/or solution is described
  3. The utilization of ST Innovations services is described 
  4. The health technology addresses an unmet real-world clinical problem
  5. Description of engagement with potential customers or users of the technology


  1. Project aligns with the expertise and/or equipment provided by ST Innovations
  2. Significant potential economic and societal impacts to Alberta from commercialization of the technology 
  3. TRL level can be reasonably expected to move 1-2 levels by the end of the project
  4. Outcome can be reached in a maximum of 12 months


For additional questions, please contact